About KaliMa Amilak (Laydee Kaye)

KaliMa Amilak is an Afro-Caribbean photographer native from Brooklyn, New York. In her experience as a photographer, she has sold and exhibited artwork in various galleries in Brooklyn, and was Head Photographer for the artist collective Brooklyn Artistry and Company.

As she adapted to her surroundings of the Bay Area in California, KaliMa has expanded her creativity in a way that shows her strongest expressions in raw beauty. Recently, KaliMa has been working on her first and photojournalistic series entitled, Evoke the Goddess, which are platforms for self expression and celebration for women sharing their life experiences of evoking the goddesses within as a cultural movement of empowerment. Having the opportunity to shoot for clients, organizations and participating in artistry collectives, gave KaliMa the drive to participate and network with other artists as well. Seizing life and nature as is through photos, she has discovered many unique angles and focuses. KaliMa has a strong motive to not only deliver a photo, but to tell a story with that image.